Allowed... not allowed

No one is supposed to be ignorant of the rules and regulations, so here are those in effect at the Lake Lyster Campground.

This list may change from time to time.


Key questions that may be on your mind, and our answers.

Les réservations de sites, mini-chalets et prêts-à-camper sont comme les billets de spectacle, payables en entier au moment de la réservation.

Cependant, contrairement aux billets de spectacle, votre séjour est 100% remboursable jusqu’à 7 jours avant votre heure d’arrivée prévue (moyennant un frais de $8).

A minimum 3-night stay is required for long weekends (Patriotes, June 24, July 1, Labor Day and Thanksgiving).

  • No refunds or changes less than 7 days before your scheduled arrival time.
  • No refunds for shortened stays for any reason.
  • Only applications received at will be considered.
  • A request left on an answering machine, by text message, Messenger or any other means of communication is not considered as such.
  • Change/cancellation fee = $8, except for extension of stay or adding a site.

Ready-to-camp (tent or mini-chalet): Arrival between 4pm and 9pm maximum. Departure before 11am.

Classic camping (rustic, 2 and 3 services): Arrival between 2pm and 9pm maximum. Departure before noon.

Should you need to arrive EXCEPTIONALLY after 9pm, please advise us by phone at 819-345-3787. Given that peace and quiet is an important part of our reputation, and that an installation often generates noise and lighting, we must be strict about respecting arrival times.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

8 km/hr = maximum speed allowed everywhere on the property, from the street to the top of the mountain.

Warning for a first offence and expulsion for the next.

An accident happens too quickly!

  • Well tamed only
  • Toujours en laisse. Les colliers électriques ou anti-fugue sont interdits
  • Maximum de 2 animaux par site
  • Strictly forbidden on the beach, even in transition to a boat
  • Each owner must pick up the "pooh" of his dog
  • ZERO tolerance for any potentially aggressive behavior... Expelled without refund.
  • Any disturbing barking : Warning the 1st time and expulsion the 2nd time
  • Pitbull and Rottweller strictly forbidden

Not only is it drinkable, it's delicious.

De plus, par considération pour notre Planète, nous “interdisons” les bouteilles d’eau à remplissage unique sur le camping… Eau que oui !


We like quiet and non-polluting boats.

You can put your paddle board or kayak in the water after having it washed at the City's wash station, located just past the municipal beach.

Unfortunately not!

Our large "Prospector" tents and mini-cottages are jealous and won't tolerate other roofs on their property.

We will be happy to rent you a plot of land nearby if you wish to pitch a tent.

Yes, 7 days before your arrival, you can rent a site, a mini-chalet or a ready-to-camp (PAC) for 1 night.

In the case of PACs, there is a small additional $25 cleaning fee.

The rule is simple: 1 site = 1 car.

However, should you have 2 vehicles, a fee of $10/day/vehicle will apply.

Maximum de 2 véhicules par terrain.

Yes, all our sites are accessible by car 🙂

  • You can get there on foot because there is no parking available nearby, except for a few spaces for people with reduced mobility and with a car sign identifying them
  • No pitou on the beach, even in transition to a watercraft i.e. kayak, wakeboard or other...
  • Accessible during the day only.
  • Une famille (2 adultes et 2 enfants de moins de 17 ans) ou 4 personnes peuvent profiter ensemble d’un terrain.

The best recycling or waste is the one that is not produced!

  • Recycling must be deposited in the blue bins provided. Please crush your cans and packaging. The same goes for plastic bottles.
  • Do NOT bag your recycling. Place it freely in the blue bins.
  • All waste must be deposited in the dumpsters behind the reception desk
  • Cans go to the "Consignment" depots for this purpose (located at the comfort stations and behind the Office
  • Recyclable items must be placed ndividually in the blue bins and not in plastic bags.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we manage water carefully. Showers are now charged ($1 for 4 minutes) throughout the campsite.

In Quebec, we have the immense privilege of having access to this precious resource, so let's impose the duty to protect it.

Thank you for your collaboration!