Eco-Kabine Eco-Kabine Eco-Kabine

Comfortable suite for 4 people wishing to live memorable moments in the heart of the forest.
A place where one falls asleep to the sound of the loon after a hearty meal prepared in a friendly summer kitchen.

Chic home built by passionate people with the greatest respect for the environment, materials and people.

Our Eco-Kabins offer you comfort inside and out.

They areall equipped with a well-equipped summer kitchen, a queen size bed, 2 single beds and a set of 4 chairs and their table, perfect for playing cards while listening to the rain fall on the multicolored sheet metal.

A large picnic table + a fire-pot + 4 of our very famous and ultra comfortable Adirondack chairs made of natural cedar and locally manufactured = your decor under the stars

Glamping is simple: You just have to bring your sheets, your blankets and your food 🙂

our kabins contain...

Small but great fridge

The 4.4 cu. ft. refrigerator and small freezer will keep your food fresh.

It boils, it heats and it wakes up

2-element stove + kettle + coffee maker with integrated filter

and it jumps

If you have a lot of work to do...this is the toaster that will brown it

Everything for cooking

Pots, pans, drainers, spatulas, tongs, sharp knives and all other useful accessories to prepare a nearly perfect meal!

Water that you are good for us

Not only is it safe to drink, but it is simply delicious. The water from our artesian well is of such remarkable quality that we don't allow bottled water on the campsite... Water that is!

And to sleep Zzzz....

Comfortable mattresses, soft pillows all covered with hypoallergenic and waterproof protection

In summary...

Everything is there in our eco-kabins... You only have to bring your food, your sheets and your "doudous"!

Relax... Relax...


It is not us who say it...

our kabins are called...
our kabins are...

Not very expensive for so much comfort, nature and change of scenery!

  • Kabin with private bathroom: $185/day or $425/weekend (v-s)
  • Kabine Nature: $155/day or $350/weekend (v-s)