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8 - 8 - 8 - 8 ...

8 km/hr = maximum speed allowed on ALL terrain, from the Home to the top of the mountain. Ticket for a first offense and expulsion for the next one. An accident happens too quickly!



- Full payment of the stay at the time of booking.

- Reservation fee of $4,50

-Cancellation 7 days prior to scheduled arrival time: Full refund minus an $8 fee. 

- Change fee = $8 for the first and $25 for subsequent changes. No changes 7 days prior to arrival.

- Extension: no charge


·        La location d’un site donne accès à une famille de 4 personnes (2 adultes et 2 enfants de moins de 17 ans) OU 4 adultes maximum.

- A campsite may accommodate up to 2 tents or registered recreational equipment or one tent and one kitchen shelter (bottomless tent) or dimensions permit

·        Un frais de $10 par véhicule supplémentaire par nuit est appliqué (les bateaux motorisés de moins de 10hp sont considérés comme un véhicule)

- No tents allowed on fields A, B and C.


After 9pm, radios of all kinds and "musical" instruments must be silenced.
After 10pm and before 9am, noise is not tolerated... This allows you to better hear the loon song on the lake ....


- Well behaved only. Always on a leash, even with an anti-bark or anti-runaway collar.

- Are not "allowed" in the "Prospector tent" style campground or on the beach.

- Any disturbing barking: 1 warning and then expulsion

- Their excrement must be collected everywhere and at all times

- ZERO tolerance for any potentially aggressive behavior... Expelled without refund.

·        Pitbull et Rottweiler strictement interdits. 2 animaux maximum sur un site.


- Accessible on foot less than 100m from the reception office (other side of the chalet road)

- Limited parking for disabled persons only.

- NO dogs on the beach, even in transition to a boat i.e. kayak, board or other...

- Accessible during the day only and closed after sunset.

Boats and personal watercraft

- Lake Lyster is a small oasis for kayaks and paddleboards. For this reason, and to help protect our jewel, the campground does not accept any personal watercraft or motorboats over 10 hp.

Violence or aggression, physical or verbal

- Verbal or physical aggression gets you nowhere and is not tolerated at all. Automatic expulsion.


- Minimum 2 nights rental at all times

- Strict prohibition of smoking on the ready-to-camp sites, both indoors and outdoors.

- Dogs are allowed in the Kabine campground only, for an additional cleaning fee. They are not allowed in the prospector tents.


- Fee of $8 per day or $12 per night, per person

- The number of visitors cannot exceed the number of campers.

- One visitor = person over 2 years old


·        Toute personne désireuse de réserver pour plus de 8 personnes (en groupe ou individuellement) doit nous en aviser à l’avance en nous passant un coup de fil ou en nous envoyant un courriel à La Tranquilité étant notre marque de commerce, il est important pour nous de connaître à l’avance “la visite” que nous accueillerons :-).

Water... YES... drinkable

- Not only is the water safe to drink but it is delicious. Seeing a plastic water bottle breaks our hearts. .. and we plan to ban them soon... To each his own 🙂


Our Planet

Concerned about the health of our planet, the Camping team has put in place practices to protect it, to reduce the consumption of resources and to better manage residual materials (waste, recycling, compost...). Your collaboration is greatly appreciated.

Google and other reviews

- We are not perfect but we do our best to make sure you have a memorable time. Please discuss with us during
your stay if anything is wrong. We are champions at finding common ground!


Since you are planning a stay with us, we assume that you already enjoy our company a little. And... so do we, because we already enjoy your presence!
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