There is so much to do at Lake Lyster Campground

Vivre le moment PRÉSENT !

Au camping et dans la région, il y a 1000 choses à faire et il nous fera grand plaisir de vous guider dans l’organisation de votre séjour.

Nous tenterons aussi d’arrêter le temps pour vous faire vivre des moments de Plaisir, de Découverte, de Rire, de Partage et de Paix.

Au plaisir de créer du Bonheur avec vous cet été!

La super équipe du Camping du lac Lyster



His reputation precedes him.

Loved by all, you must now reserve the time slot for your hike to Pinnacle Mountain. Allow a good 2 hours to make the most of it.(

Walk slowly along the trails and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain.
Price of $6 per person, well deserved.

Crêperie "Les Crêpes de France" (Crepes of France)

A succulent ham-cheese-coconut or butter-maple crêpe and a good cappuccino await you for breakfast or brunch on our large, covered terrace.

Its super sweet and savory crepes will transport you to the wonderful world of local flavors and charm your taste buds from morning to night, and forever 🙂

Whether you're a camper, a visitor, a resident of Baldwin Mills, Coaticook or anywhere else, it will be our pleasure to serve you 🙂

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Only the clients of the Camping du lac Lyster have access to it...

After a short 10 minute climb, our very nice Mont Séguin offers you a breathtaking view of the lake and the Pinacle.

Don't miss the sunset on its rocky facade... or the sunrise at its foot, for the early risers 🙂


In the sun or in the shade, a few minutes walk from your site, sit in front of the majestic Pinacle to read, play Scrabble or simply... do nothing!

Sauter à l’eau pour nager dans le lac Lyster, qui n’est alimenté que par l’eau des montagnes. C’est un lac peu nourri, donc, oligotrophe i.e.  un lac en très bon état.


Nothing is easier, alone or in tandem, than to paddle on the privileged territory of our friend the loon.

Double or single kayaks, paddle boards and pedal boats for rent. Reservation at the reception desk.


The Coaticook Golf Club and the Dufferin Heights Golf Club are both within 15 minutes of each other.

It's not the total that counts but the pleasure you get from each of your shots...too long, too short, too high, too


You'll never stop discovering the uncrowded roads of the magnificent Coaticook Valley...

Get ready for a little uphill on the way back... 🙂


With your wider tires, you will not stop to contemplate the landscape. The famous pink barn under an orange sky will surely charm you.

Take the opportunity to capture these pleasant moments, between green fields and balsam fir plantations!

The Coaticook Gorge Park and Mount Hereford are waiting for you for a top of the line mountain biking experience!


Impossible to say everything.

It will be our pleasure to offer you the tourist guides of our beautiful region.

Whether it's for a cultural, agro-tourism or sport tour, there is no lack of options.

Foresta Lumina (in Coaticook, 15 minutes from the campground) and Acoatica (directly in the village of Baldwin, 2 minutes away) await you in their wonderful world.

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